Clinical Trial Website and Patient Information

This package adds a public facing Study Website and tools for dissemination to the Patient Information Solution.


This is a one stop shop to manage the online face of your study. It will ensure that your study is presented professionally with the main Clinical Trial Website, and your patient information is delivered effectively with the Patient Information Website. The solution takes the stress out of setting up and then managing a website over the lifecycle of the research.

We can deliver this solution based on your Patient Information Sheets and Study Protocol document, so it can be as hands on or off as you like. This solution allows for protocol changes during the course of the study and includes tools to help you disseminate the findings once the results are known.

What you get

Template of your Clinical Trial Website

Clinical Trial Website

Public facing professional website to present key information about your study through the lifecycle of the research. One stop shop to manage your study for public, patients and the study team.

Dissemination Tools Image

Dissemination Tools

We will update the content of the Study Website to communicate the research results and create a Dissemination Animation that can be used online and in presentations.

Digitrial Patient Information solution image

+ Patient Information

A dedicated Patient Information Website with a home page Patient Information Animation, Generic Explainer Animations and the option to include video.

Key features

The following features have been tailored specifically to support effective clinical research.

All our websites are fully responsive so they work seamlessly across mobile and desktop devices. For sites that we are hosting we ensure that they are securely maintained and are backed up regularly.

The content, look and feel will be tailored to make sure it is engaging for your audience.

The site can can provide a single point of access to the Patient Information Website and online Trial Management Tools such as RedCap or Macro, enabling more reliable management of data and a simpler process for the study team.

As the study progresses we will adapt the Study Website and create a Dissemination Animation which you will be able to use online and in presentations to communicate research results.

We understand that some studies may choose to host the sites themselves and that is fine, but as part of our package we offer to host the sites for the length of the trial.

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